Acquisition Parameters

What is the most difficult part of income property investing? Experienced professional investors will tell you it’s finding the right property in the right location at the right time. This is especially true for TMR whose stringent, time-proven acquisition parameters for physical, financial and locational characteristics automatically eliminate over 90% of the 700 “for sale” apartment listings that cross our desks every year. TMR only acquires multifamily properties with true value-add potential. Now in our 5th decade of value-add apartment investing, we know what works and what does not.


TMR’s acquisition parameters are a function of the principals' combined 75+ years of hard-won, multifamily investment, operating and management experience through strong economic cycles and the deepest of recessions. Today, these stringent acquisition parameters are a big part of the secret sauce, which differentiates us from other less-experienced firms. Our strong investment results (See: Track Record) are the product of TMR’s patient and disciplined investment approach, as is the fact that no partnership has ever suffered a loss of capital in the company’s 40-year history. Very few investment companies can say the same.

Another distinction is TMR’s practice of identifying, securing in contract and thoroughly vetting worthy real estate opportunities first and raising the necessary capital second. Wall-Street funded investment firms such as REITS raise capital in the hundreds of millions before seeking properties to acquire. What if prices are too high or the market is in decline?  No matter, once the capital has been raised at substantial cost to the investors, the funds must be deployed within certain time parameters.                                                       


Once a worthy, value-add apartment property has been secured and completely vetted, TMR raises 100% of the necessary capital directly from existing investor relationships at par, without fees or commissions of any kind paid to Wall Street or third party venture capital firms. Typical partnership formation fees* are less than 2% of capital raised.

* Including but not limited to, legal, accounting, due diligence, lender costs, TMR’s fee, prospectus publishing and distribution.