Investor Testimonials

"As an investor, I find it hard to express fully my appreciation for the job you have done in managing the financing, renovation and operation of the two properties in very difficult circumstances. It also is outside my experience to have a general manager extend himself personally in a financial way to the extent you have done to carry an LP in a period of severe market reversal. You have done more than an investor could expect or ask for, but what you have done is totally consistent with my evaluation of your character after 20 or so years of investing with you. " - Private Investor

"I admire the thorough analysis and clear presentation of the problem, the causes of the problem, the alternative solutions to the problem and the plan to execute a reasonable solution. The whole write-up is a beautiful piece of work." - Private Investor

"There is no company I'd have greater faith in for honesty, skill and hard work" - Private Investor

"Thanks as always for the annual update. We're so impressed by your perseverance and hard work." - Private Investor